Polish beverage can producer

We are a Polish born, independent company that has been producing beverage cans since 2008. Our production facility focuses on manufacturing 2-piece beverage cans made with the process of DWI (draw and wall ironing). An obvious complement to each can is its end. Within the framework of our service we offer ends adjusted to particular sizes of cans manufactured in our plants.

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3,5 mln

Daily production of aluminium cans


The year we started manufacturing cans


Modern production lines


No. of countries our cans are delivered to

1,5 mln

Daily production of steel cans

9090 m²

The production plant area

50 km from

S19 / A4 / airport

The company

The history of our company reaches back to 2007. This is when we came up with the idea of building a production facility. A year later we began manufacturing.

At the beginning we focused on the production of steel cans (500 ml) for the beer industry.

In 2017 we launched a modern production line for manufacturing 2-piece aluminium cans, where production capacity reaches 1,2 billion of packaging annually.

Currently we are manufacturing beverage cans of different volumes which are delivered to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our production plant is situated in Stalowa Wola, in the area of Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone.

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The offer

We provide a wide portfolio to our customers:

    • 250 ml aluminium cans popularized by energy drinks
    • 330 ml smart (sleek) aluminium cans
    • 500 ml aluminium and steel cans
    • Aluminium easy open ends, so called stay-on-tabs

Complex service

We help our customers to choose packaging which is tailored to their needs. Thanks to our own graphic design studio and our emplyees’ long-standing experience we can implement any project our customers desire. We manufacture cans taking care of each and every detail. Your order will be delivered to a place indicated by you.

CAN 250 ML

CAN 250 ML

CAN 330 ml

CAN 330 ml

CAN 500 ML


Can sizes

250 ml


250 ml

330 ml


330 ml

500 ml



500 ml
Final result

Thanks to applying highly advanced technology to our modern production lines and employing experienced staff, our company presents a wide range of visual and tactile special effects:

  • the use of gloss
  • soft touch lacquers
  • matt lacquers

special decorations such as:

  • tactile over-varnish
  • thermo ink (i.e. changing colour at different temperatures)

It is possible to use lacquer without bisphenol A (BP-NI) inside our cans and ends.